The Crew

Sea Songs, Shanties and Folk music from the Isle of Wight

Folk Music and Sea Shanties

Formed in 2009, Island folk band The Crew produce a raw, rhythmic mixture of folk songs, sea shanties, and even a hint of rock n roll and pop to get your toes tapping. 

The Crew play mostly traditional instruments - recorders, accordions, mandolin, ukulele, acoustic six string, tenor and bass guitars, bird box and monkey stick - while frontman Paul captains the band, commanding The Crew with his distinctive vocal take on well and lesser-known folk songs with the choral backing of his shipmates.

The Crew perform song/tune sets and ceilidh sets, or a mixture of both, and welcome audience participation.  

The Crew are:

Captain  'Pirate' 'Privateer' Paul Sturgess

Commander  Sue Rose

First Mate  Lindsay McComb

Ship's Cook & Surgeon  Menna 'Miggins' Morey

Shipwright and Rigger  'Spidey' Pete Howlett

Lieutenant  Andrea Millband

Carpenter & Engineer 'DanDan' Dan Callcut

And special guest appearances by:

Master  'Bbbbb...' Barry Seward

We play acoustic or amplified sets, indoor and outdoor, and are equally at home in the corner of a pub as on a festival or concert stage.  We work with a few ceilidh callers that we can add to a booking if required.